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Say ‘goodbye’ to unpalatable capsules, and ‘hello’ to Viteey’s simple supplement solution.
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The story behind the Gummy

What people are saying about us

“Great product!”

"I was surprised and impressed at the cost of these compared to similar products. I've only been taking them for about a week, but they seem to be working as well as the pills I took. They are a great help for the pain in my hips. I absolutely love the flavor of these gummies!"

D. Smallwood
“What a deal…”

“I liked that I got it with my Subscribe and Save, which means it's on sale every month, and no shipping and handling. It comes in gummy form so I don't have to swallow another capsule. It also has piperine and ginger so it's even more complete. Thank you Viteey and of course Amazon, for another great product.”

Sherry Heflin
“Pain relief in a tasty form.”

“I have definitely seen an improvement in my knee pain after steadily using this product for a few weeks. No harsh aftertaste and they are actually tasty to chew on. Win-win situation.”

Faige Deutsch

“I wanted to find a supplement that had the key ingredients I'm looking for and was easy for my entire family to take. My entire family just loves these gummies and takes them daily. I have reordered them and will continue to take these great immune-boosting supplements.”

Cactus Jack 9334

“I can't get over how much they have helped with my arthritis and my everyday aches and pains!! I have recommended these to so many people and every single one of them can not thank me enough!”

The Louises
“Taste great and they work!”

“The flavor is yummy, berry flavor not medicinal at all. They are easy to quickly chew and swallow and they work!”

“Great taste!”

“I've tried other gummies and really wasn't thrilled with the flavor. These gummies are not so sweet (yay!), a more realistic fruit flavor, and they have a softer gummy texture (think hard gelatin, not Haribo gummy bears).”

“Love this brand!”

“Has all the health benefits and tastes great. I’m converting all my vitamins to this brand!”

“Take two (2) per day with a meal.”

“I have been taking them for approximately a month and really like them. I take two (2) daily with a meal and I feel that they give me additional energy and help me through my workouts at 71 yrs. of age.”

Martha Dickerson
“My daughter loves them!”

“My daughter is usually sick around this time of year. I’ve been giving her elderberry gummy’s daily and her immune system has improved so much. This product is amazing!”

Danie M.
“Great product! I see a difference!”

“Love these gummies! I definitely see a difference in my hair :) It feels full. I take 2 a day (as recommended). I'm ordering again.”

“Satisfied First time buyer”

“Happy with purchase. Yummy. Curb appetite. Reasonably priced. Fast delivery. Better than the competition. Will buy again.”